Documentary Photography 101

So I got kind of bored this winter and decided to take a photography class at Tri-C.  I signed up for Documentary Photography with the hope that I would be given shooting assignments that would keep me inspired and get me out in the field shooting new things.  So day 1 of class our teacher gives us our first assignment;  Self-Documentary.  You can imagine my excitement.  My life was so uneventful that I took a class to jazz it up a bit, only to be told to go document my already mundane life.  Well, 2 weeks into the class I am finding myself quite grateful for this assignment.  Already I am starting to realize there is a difference between mundane and boring.  I think we all get up each day and do the same routines; brush our teeth, shower, go to work, 9-5, head home, eat dinner, go to bed, start over the next day.  I guess when you don't stop and pay attention to the small things that fill in the gaps of our lives, every day seems the same as the last. Well the last 2 weeks I have been forced to notice the small things, the space in-between, and it has really given me a greater outlook on my everyday life.  I'm truly learning to find the beauty in the mundane and its been an incredible 2 weeks.

Anyways, here are a few more images from Boston along with a couple of other keepers from the last couple days.  I will be putting more images from my assignment on here periodically, so if you see some random images now you'll understand.