Portrait Session: Xavier & Sarah

Well, its finally done.  Our new "home studio" is officially up and running!  One of the goals Marisa and I have set for Imagen this year is to do more portrait sessions, mainly to photograph more kids.  This is actually Marisa's area of expertise, she luuvvves photographing children. Monday night I finished setting up the lights in the studio, they were the final piece.  The backdrops were hung, the walls repainted, and now the lights are up were ready to fire!  I absolutely needed to photograph something, so I called up my sister and had her bring over my nephew Xavier.  Xavier is always a blast to photograph.  You can see from his photos, the kid has a TON of personality; and that is what I, as a photographer, love to capture.

Marisa and I are really excited to have this shooting space available all the time now that its in our home studio!  If you know anyone who needs some updated portraits of their children, tell them to give us a call!  Starting next week we will be booking portrait sessions (by appointment only) so if your interested or know someone who is, give us a call!  Also, we are now offering gift cards which make a great gift for any parent!