Wedding: Pine Ridge Country Club, Wickliffe Ohio

Last weekend my associate Mike and I had a chance to shoot Kelly & Anthony's wedding at Pine Ridge Country Club! Not even kidding this was like our 5th wedding there this year! However, this wedding was the first one we shot there that featured awesome up-lighting and linens from the one and only Valarie Kirkbride! As the bride's sister-in-law Valerie had the opportunity to help plan the couples wedding and also enjoy being a guest that night.  For the wedding ceremony we were at First Church Congregational in Painesville Ohio.  The church had such beautiful light and awesome stained glass!  After the ceremony we went over to Squire's Castle for photos then stopped by Coulby Park on the way back to the reception.  Here are a few photos from the day and a slideshow at the end.Pine Ridge Wedding_0031Pine Ridge Wedding_0030 First Church Congregational Wedding_0004First Church Congregational Wedding_0005First Church Congregational Wedding_0006First Church Congregational Wedding_0007First Church Congregational Wedding_0008

First Church Congregational Wedding_0009First Church Congregational Wedding_0010

First Church Congregational Wedding_0003Squires Casle Wedding_0006Squires Casle Wedding_0007 Squires Casle Wedding_0005Squires Casle Wedding_0004Squires Casle Wedding_0003Squires Casle Wedding_0002Squires Casle Wedding_0001First Church Congregational Wedding_0011First Church Congregational Wedding_0012First Church Congregational Wedding_0002First Church Congregational Wedding_0001Coulby Park Wedding1Pine Ridge Wedding_0010Pine Ridge Wedding_0009Pine Ridge Wedding_0008Pine Ridge Wedding_0007Pine Ridge Wedding_0006Pine Ridge Wedding_0005Pine Ridge Wedding_0004Pine Ridge Wedding_0003Pine Ridge Wedding_0002Pine Ridge Wedding_0001